Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Double Knicks

William in Cooma

Laura out front of the Cooma Library
The Bombala Comunity Library had to close so quick i forgot to write about the man the feijoas. Tony, a friend of a friend of Will's. His daughter Solae said they should give us a ride when they over took us coming out of Buchan. Sweet for us, bikes in the trailor and a lift up to W Tree, plus fresh feijoa and fig snacks, thanks Tony! From Bombala we changed the route slightly and are in Cooma, to get more miles in on the bitchuman, 87 km yesterday with lots of up hill. It's fast and cars/ trucks, or slower and quite roads, (like 8 cars total in the first 3 days). Constant options and decisions, i will right another time about travelling and collaborating as two! 

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