Monday, April 30, 2012

The man with the Feijoas

Will at Southern Cross Station, Melbourne

We crossed the border into NSW this afternoon, after two and half days of riding through regional and remote north eastern Victoria. From Melbourne we caught the train to Bairnsdale, and rode the Rail Trail to Trestle Bridge crossing, north up through Nowa Nowa, Gelantipi, W Tree and Seldom Seen. High country and frosty fingers. With less light hours this season we have to ride for most of the day- bar eating! Crossing the Snowy was nice, and now we are in Bombala for the night washing and re stocking for more remote riding.

Bairnsdale food fueling

Friday, April 27, 2012

D.I.Y. Station

Day one of Developments in riding residency. Adelaide to Melbourne 7.40 am to 6.40 pm. Bikes cost $40 extra, (no mention about the trailers but we had to take them off the bikes).
Best thing about today so far: Riding ourselves to the train station. BYO breakfast and snacks. BYO tea bag and snab some boiling water.
Worst thing about today: Random sleeping positions create crocked neck

Train Poem

ungodly hours. dark awake
travelling jam. Strawberry 
breakfast. fresh food is heavy,
fresh food is fresh. gets packed, 
gets lessed. transit, times, travelled, and wait. 
check in. checked . pay and wait.

We played a new drawing game on the train, giving each other time limits to sketch our concept brainstorming.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Into the Unknown...

Tomorrow my computer gets double wrapped and taken to Pack and Send, along with (heavy) pigments for drawing and more warm clothes for Bundanon. I'm not sure how many internet cafes there will be in the remote south east corner of Vic and NSW, so lets wait and see how many stories we'll be able to share. Definitely more when we get to Bundanon (around 8th May). I'll take my newly donated iphone (thanks Michael!), it might work for a blog post and photo here and there, though i am skeptical of it's endurance with out the grid. We leave leave Friday morning on the day train to Melbourne. Saturday morning we train out to Bairnsdale in east Vic and  from here we ride north, i'll try and get our planned route posted soon. . .

Planning, packing and pre-tour!

Will is a bike mechanic, yihar! We have been adjusting our lives packaging, sending, cleaning and organising things for days straight now. Will has been constructing our bikes in the shed. For a while we were tossing up our options, we have gone with bob trailers, me on my trusty old Cannondale mountain bike and Will on a hybrid touring bike. Thank you to Daniel Cheesman, Jono Daw and Drew Rettig for their bob support here.

Bundanon Residency 2012

Developments in Housing: On the Road 

April - June 2012
Laura Wills and William Cheesman

  This is a project blog sharing the developments of out new collaborative work. Willliam Cheesman and myself collaborate on a variety of professional projects. The next stage of our ongoing Developments in Housing series is to be researched as artist in residence at Bundanon Trust in New South Wales, ( and during our journey to Bundanon by bicycle.  Our initial research period undertaken en route a 2-week bicycle tour to Bundanon will heavily inform the work that we create.
We have made work that looks like this before: