Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bark Gun

Wombat hole with tree

Laura's new pastel drawings for upcoming group show Wonder Fall, at Hill Smith Gallery Adelaide

Bark Gun, pastel by Laura and watercolour by Will

Sunday Morning

Today we are heading to a big band concert at Riversdale, at the Bundanon Education Centre about ten minutes drive up the road.  
It rained for the first time in 3-weeks last Friday. So we went for a walk during which we spotted wombat hole #327. There is 14km of river frontage at Bundanon, only a few hundred metres of which is accessible (on foot). While exploring we are constantly thwarted by walls of Lantana which, along the river is now protected due to its provision of habitat and prevention of erosion. 
L bought her 13th pink jacket yesterday there was matching pants but we both agreed they were too flammable to be practical.
We had an amazing private piano concert two weeks ago. Alexander Boyd (Arthur's grandson) played to a small invited audience in the front room of the original homestead. A grand setting, a grand piano (Arthur's London bought Steinway) and a diverse selection of music ranging from Chopin to Ravel, a mix of smooth traditional and lively discord.
We have been walking regularly, either down to the river or up onto the range. W has been fishing and caught some Australian Bass, fun fighting fish and quite tasty.
Our time continues to be productive, L has been busy drawing and weaving, W drawing and painting. Together we have worked on some small installation experiments both inside and outside.
We are planning new works based upon ideas and images from our time here and whilst on route during the bike ride. 
Our main focus sculpturally has been head hides or enlarged hoods. Made from various materials these small objects offer a peaceful space when ones head is inserted. A concept exploring ideas of head/mind dominance over body and a mental haven from immediate surroundings.

Collab Watercolour study

Clear wombat by Laura, pastel on paper

Collab colouring in competition, with hidden pictures, pencil on paper

Speedway by Will, watercolour

Laura Lantana

Couch Headhide by Laura

Country Tent

Bird Shelter

Country Tent

Woodbike with Bob

These images are a selection from a new digital drawing series Will and I are working on. We will most likely draw/ paint originals, not sure yet. Below is Arthur Boyd's palette, we had a very informative tour of the Bundanon Homestead and Boyd's studio. It is open for the Australian public every Sunday.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

In and around...

Will harvesting nettle for dinner. We had potato and nettle soup with celery and goats yoghurt.

Laura has a wombat experience. Couch grass in abundance.

Halfway back from the river view toward Artist in Residence complex.
Tonkin Zulaikha (Sydney Architects) design which incorporates existing buildings such as the old barn. Apartments have full northern aspect giving  luxurious sunlight and warmth.

Head Hide Hood, building in the bush.

Head Hide harvest of path-side cuttings, also interesting upside down contrast to adjacent plant.

Some of William's Watercolours.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

At Bundanon

Shoalhaven Rivers edge Bundanon

Tarp sailing with bike and trailer.

Loaded lilly pilly tree at the end of our studio.

Our studio at Bundanon.

Making Camp

William making camp at The Big Whole. NSW.
Way finding on the train to Melbourne.

Packing drawing. The aim of packing is to remove excess packaging and compartmentalise all food into breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Rock Table, Trestle Bridge camp site

We saw about 20 wombat roadkill over the ten day trip. The pink cross on the wombat means there are no young in the pouch. At Bundanon it's wombat crazy, there are burrows everywhere and you always see them at night.

On the Rail Trail just after Trestle Bridge camp, William collected spiders webs that hung onto him the whole day. They flew behind him and increased his speed.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Food Collected

Drawing of the food we collected / we given on the trip, by Laura and Will
List of food from diagram: slippery jack, fig, feigoa, apple, Safron Milk Cap, crab apples, watercress, young fern brachen, roesmary, rain water, river water

Fresh Slippery jacks (Suillus luteus) found in Pine forest next to the Deddick river just near Tubbut. We ate them in a risotto at the Strawberry Track camp at the top of Dellicknora road (near Bonang).